August 1, 2013

Call to action: Let's stand with Russian LGBT Youth


IGLYO is asking our member organisations and fellow activists to condemn the situation in Russia.

The Russian Parliament overwhelmingly supported a new law banning “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” just last month. It bans the public discussion of gay rights and relationships anywhere children might hear it. IGLYO utterly condemns this move, which is being used to persecute LGBT organisations, and refuses LGBTQ youth the right to access information around LGBT issues.

IGLYO is disgusted to hear of the inhuman developments in Russia that involves public bullying, harassment and torture of LGBTQ young people.

Videos have emerged online showing Neo-Nazis luring, torturing, bullying and forcefully making LGBTQ youth come out on camera.

Many of these young people have been traumatised, ostracized and some have taken their own lives.

We as activists need to condemn all of these unjust, undemocratic and disgraceful actions. We need to show our support and stand in solidarity with LGBTQ youth in Russia.

Justice must be secured for these young people, and their human rights and dignity needs to be respected.

Attached is a document drafted (with thanks to Colour Youth Athens). We encourage our member organisations to sign this document and sent it to their respective Russian embassies. A list of these embassies can be found here:

If your organisation would like this to be an IGLYO supported statement, please email and we can send you a signature and logo.

Download this letter here: Letter to Russian Ambassador

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