December 20, 2012

Call for research tenders in the field of education


We are delighted to announce this call for a research tender in the field of education. IGLYO is commissioning a piece of research to investigate the ties between homophobic and transphobic bullying in the formal education setting and the effects of bullying on access to the labour market later in life.

In recent years, IGLYO has heard anecdotal evidence from young people across Europe that describes the widespread effects of bullying, including how bullying affects participation in the labour market when LGBTQ people who were bullied leave school. We hope to investigate the relationship between bullying and employment through a piece of formal research.

Suggested themes of the research:

– The effect of bullying on skills acquisition during formal education, such as accessing educational and training opportunities;

– Bullied students’ experience of job applications and interview processes;

– LGBTQ students’ perception of accessing the labour market in relation to formal education experience.

Context: There is a dearth of research into the extent of homophobic and transphobic bullying in formal education. However, research making explicit the connection between bullying and access to the labour market is fairly sparse. Therefore, we ask the tenderer to specify and clarify the research question in your proposal, relating it to your own expertise in the field.

Methodology: IGLYO expects the researcher to solicit information directly from LGBTQ young people in conjunction with our Member Organisations. We welcome applications that include proposed questionnaires, survey designs, or interview frameworks to enable the collection of data. IGLYO will evaluate the tenders in light of feasibility and how well the research methodology addresses the proposed research question.

Scope: IGLYO is a pan-European nonprofit organization, working across the Council of Europe Member States and beyond. However, due to the novel nature of this research, we welcome proposals that focus on no fewer than three (3) Member States. IGLYO will work with you to identify the countries most conducive to carrying out the research based on the successful tenderer’s background and our Member Organisation’s presence in a country.

Terms of employment:
Working primarily with IGLYO’s Programmes & Policy Officer, as well as with a IGLYO Board Member, the successful tenderer will carry out the following tasks:

– Complete a research design framework that clarifies the research question and outlines methodology;

– Collect first-hand data from LGBTQ young people in three (3) to five (5) Council of Europe Member States;

– Draft a report based on that data for IGLYO’s use in advocacy at the European level and for our Member Organisations on the local and national levels.


The researcher will have:

– Solid research and analytical skills;

– Experience of planning and conducting research;

– Proven ability to compile and draft reports;

– Familiarity with LGBTQ organisations and network in Europe (preferable);

– Knowledge of bullying in formal education settings, LGBTQ issues and/or accessing the labour market (preferable);

– Excellent writing skills (in English).

Key dates:
The tenderer is responsible for arranging a timeline in conjunction with IGLYO board and staff. However, it is envisioned that the research will be completed by 1st July 2013.

IGLYO has currently budgeted 4000€, VAT inclusive for this tender. We expect all tenders to take this amount into consideration when drafting research design and your individual timeline.
IGLYO might secure additional funds for the research, though that cannot be assumed at the time of application.
All payments will be made upon delivery of a satisfactory research report based on an invoice provided by the contracted researcher.

Tender process:
Please submit the following items by 31st January 2012, 12h00 CET to

  1. Your CV or resume
  2. One (1) page statement of interest
  3. Two (2) page research statement, including proposed methodology and timeframe
  4. Sample of written work, five to ten (5-10) page excerpt

Tenders will be reviewed by IGLYO and a decision issued by 11th February 2013.

Any questions or concerns should be sent to

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