May 10, 2014

Call for rapporteurs on intersectionality


Following IGLYO’s successful roundtable on socioeconomic status, we are now announcing the call for rapporteurs for the next three roundtables in our series on intersectionality. Through these three focused discussions, we will explore the identity strands of gender, ethnicity, and disability and how they overlap for LGBTQ young people.

Specific objectives of IGLYO’s Roundtable Series on Intersectionality:

1. Gather stakeholders involved in various topic-specific social movements along the strands of gender, ethnicity, disability, and socio-economic status.
2. Explore the issues involved in the particular identity strands as they intersect with young people and sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
3. Draft position statements on each intersectional aspect and its relation to LGBTQ youth and students.
4. Contribute to the development of IGLYO’s position paper on intersectionality.

IGLYO will bring together stakeholders in the relevant field to discuss specific issues over one day. In addition, IGLYO would like to appoint two rapporteurs for each roundtable. The rapporteurs will both participate in the roundtable while also documenting the discussion. The next day, the rapporteurs will analyse the roundtable with IGLYO’s Programmes & Policy Officer. Finally, the rapporteurs will gather for a final roundtable later this year.

Though you do not need to have experience or expertise on the topic prior to the roundtable, you do need to be familiar with IGLYO’s organisational aims and objectives.

Each roundtable will take place over two days during the months of May and June (the application form will ask for your availability). All travel and accommodation costs will be covered by IGLYO.

This call is for the participation in the roundtable as rapporteur only. Other participants have an alternate selection process. Please note, this is not a call for participating in IGLYO’s upcoming conference ‘Crossing Paths: Exploring Intersections within the Diversity of LGBTQ Communities’.

Please fill in the application form here. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis. We are hoping to have the next roundtable in

For more information, please contact Jordan Long, IGLYO Programmes & Policy Officer.

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