December 20, 2012

Call for IGLYO’s Education Working Group member


Application deadline Extended: January 16th 2013, midnight CET

We are happy to announce a call for a new member to join the Education Working Group.

IGLYO’s Education Working Group (WG) was established in 2012. The Working Group’s main goal is to explore and further develop the models for good practices in the focus area of Education. The WG Education is composed of three individuals from  IGLYO member organisations and co-ordinated by the Board member of IGLYO. As one of the WG members has been elected to the IGLYO Executive Board for 2012-2014 period, we are announcing this call for co-option of one member to the WG.

The Objectives of the Working Group:

– The working group will gather the views and experiences of IGLYO Member Organisations in the field of education, using techniques they deem realistic and suitable.
– The working group will present the findings from this exploration in a useful way (guidelines, best practices, policy paper, newsletters etc).
– The working group will produce a work plan for 2014 before the end of 2013.

The Aims of the Working Group:

 – To gather the views and experiences of IGLYO Member Organisations in the field of education (formal and non-formal);

– To carry out collective advocacy to promote the educational agenda and tools among IGLYO’s members, friends and LGBTQ youth at the national/regional and international levels;

– To play an active role in LGBTQ international educational networks by encouraging effective dialogue between civil society and LGBTQ youth;

– To promote accessible education for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

Benefits of joining the Education Working Group:

By joining IGLYO’s Education Working Group, you will gain hands-on experience in raising awareness of LGBTQ youth and student issues within wider educational systems, with the intention to mainstream these issues and working against heteronormativity and for intersectional approaches through norm-critical methods. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to deliver non-formal education activities and programs aimied at empowering LGBTQ youth and building the capacity of member organisations in terms of advocating for young LGBTQ people to be included, respected and recognised in the field of education. Through IGLYO’s study sessions, conferences and other events carried out in this area, you will have a chance to interact with LGBTQ youth and student activists, international human rights watchdogs, equality networks and LGBTQ-friendly organisations and develop inclusive educational programs and activities targeting LGBTQ youth. As a result, the Working Group experience will help you gain knowledge and skills in lobbying, advocacy, facilitation and non-formal education. Finally, you will have an opportunity to develop and promote safe and inclusive education for all regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and for education to be a place free from homophobic and transphobic bullying under IGLYO’s umbrella.

The Responsibilities of the Working Group member:

– Being responsive to communication and attending all meetings;

– Guiding the future plans within the focus area by producing a work plan for 2014;

– Taking part in all aspects of the planned activities under this focus area, including attending events, if possible, contributing to the production of resources/policies, acting as preparatory team member at conferences/study sessions planned within this focus area

An ideal candidate should:

– Represent an IGLYO Member Organisation;

– Be able to work in English;

– Have at least two-years experience in LGBTQ youth and student activism;

– Have good knowledge of issues and policies around safe and inclusive education, safe spaces, homophobic & transphobic bullying in education and experiences in different types of education, especially non-formal education;

– Have access to the Internet and be able to attend online meetings of the Working Group;

– Be able to act as a multiplier in their own organisation and country;

– Be keen to work in a team, as well as share tasks and responsibilities;

– Be between 18 and 30 years of age;

Process of Application:

Interested candidates should send the following documents:

1. A motivation letter (maximum 500 words) explaining clearly why you think you are good for this volunteer position and how you meet the aforementioned criteria;

2. CV or resume;

3. A recommendation letter from the Member Organisation highlighting key competences, capacities and experiences of the candidate in the education area.

The Working Group member will be selected based on their motivation for and involvement in LGBTQ youth activism and education. When selecting the candidate, IGLYO will consider the gender and geographical balance of the Working Group.

For more information, please, contact Despina at

Application deadline is extended until January 16th 2013, midnight CET

Successful candidates will be notified with extensive details about the Working Group by January 24th 2013.

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