March 20, 2013

Call for IGLYO Board Member – Secretary


Due to changes in the Executive Board of IGLYO, we are looking for a new Board Member to co-opt, specifically to the position of Secretary. We are officially making a call for prospective applicants to join the IGLYO Board.
The deadline to submit a candidate for consideration will be midnight (CET) on Sunday the 7th of April 2013.

These are exciting and important times for IGLYO as the current Strategic Priorities period for IGLYO ends in 2013. By joining IGLYO’s Executive Board at this time you will have a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of LGBTQ youth and student activism in Europe and will be able to have an impact on the direction of the entire organisation. Since we will need to plan the Strategic Priorities for the three-year period of 2014-2016 we especially appreciate applications from people with a strategic vision and lots of ideas. IGLYO also aims to have member organisations in all Council of Europe member countries within the next few years, and the Secretary will be in a key position to attaining this goal.

The Board position is available immediately and the mandate will last until the next General Assembly, which will be held in October 2013. The co-opted board member can candidate for a full two-year term for 2014-2015 at the GA in October. Although being a Board Member involves no financial or material remuneration, all IGLYO work related costs incurred will be reimbursed.

Summary of the work  

A Board Member in IGLYO undertakes a broad range of tasks which vary due to the flexible nature of the work the organisation does. Such work can range from fundraising to project development and implementation, to looking into strategic actions in relation to the lobbying for LGBTQ youth issues in the pan-European region, and holding workshops.

A breakdown of possible tasks and responsibilities can be found below:

The Board’s Secretary
According to IGLYO’s statutes the Secretary is the first Board Member responsible for the internal development and good functioning of the Association. Therefore the Secretary works closely with the Chair and Office Manager in its duties. The Secretary is also the main Board Member responsible for Membership issues, including seeking out and recruiting new member organisations.

Some of the duties of the Secretary, and good characteristics or skills to have, are:

An eye for detail;
Strategic visionary and eagerness to further develop IGLYO’s internal structures;
Having or able to develop deep knowledge on IGLYO’s internal documents;
Providing support to organize Board meetings;
Preparing documents for the General Assembly;

General tasks for all Board Members:

Organising international LGBTQ events;
Continuously developing the internal work of IGLYO and that of Member Organisations;
Attending internal Board meetings (both online and in person) and key international events, where possible political lobbying can take place;
Functions as IGLYO’s contact person to one or several partner organisations and attends their events and meetings;
Looking into key initiatives in the development of LGBTQ youth activism in Europe;
Developing the current IGLYO membership base;
Continuing to monitor the situation of LGBTQ youth politics in Europe;
Assisting other Board Members in their tasks, when necessary.

The list can go on but this is just a small taste of all the work that a Board Member is responsible for during their mandate within the IGLYO Board.

Requirements and required skills or knowledge:

Familiar with statutory obligations
Be supported by one of IGLYO’s Member Organisations;
Be under 30 years of age;
Have experience in LGBTQ activism;
Be able to provide around 10 hours of work/week on average, mainly spent on writing e-mails (skills such as responsiveness are necessary) and working on specific projects (e.g. organisation of a conference, filling in application forms, online Board meetings, etc.);
Be able to work in English;
Be able to travel once every two months on average (all travel and subsistence costs will be covered);
Having access to a computer and Internet on a daily basis.

Optional skills or knowledge

Being outspoken;
Having knowledge or experience of national or European NGOs;
Having previously participated in IGLYO activities;
Being quick to react and optimistic!
Being able to attend IGLYO’s Board Meeting in Istanbul on the 3-5th of May.

Why you want to be a Board Member of IGLYO

You get an unique opportunity to work at the forefront of LGBTQ youth and student activism, internationally;
Working in a motivated and inspiring team;
Both get to help develop our Member Organisations and learn and grow a lot yourself!
Get loads of good karma and a nice contribution to your CV.

To ensure diversity within the Board of IGLYO we especially encourage people coming from East, South or South-East Europe, who are under 25 years of age, that have a trans* or other non-normative gender identity and/or expression, and people from ethnic minorities to apply. However, all applications will be considered.

If you are interested
…then we would love to hear from you! Applications must comprise of the following three (3) separate documents:
1. Your CV. It should particularly highlight your past activities as an activist, your present occupation, your qualifications for the position of Secretary as well as anything that matters to you;
2. A motivation letter explaining how you came to know IGLYO, why you would be a good candidate and what you would like to achieve as a Board member. You also need to confirm that you actually have the time needed for being an IGLYO Board Member;
3. A support letter from an IGLYO member organisation stating that they support your application and why.

Questions? We’re very happy to answer questions from potential applicants! Please e-mail them to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please send your applications to (it goes to the Board and Secretariat of IGLYO) before the deadline on Sunday 7th of April, midnight CET.

Write “Board Member Application” and your name in the e-mail subject field.

We’re looking forward to hearing from motivated candidates!

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