March 24, 2020

Call for IGLYO Alumni


In October 2019, IGLYO Alumni met in Helsinki, Finland, on the occasion of IGLYO’s 35th Anniversary. The attending Alumni took the time to reflect on the desirability for further development of an IGLYO Alumni Network. All participants in the meeting expressed interest; an interest that was strongly echoed in IGLYO’s current Board and Secretariat.

IGLYO therefore calls upon all of its Alumni to attend and participate in its first Alumni Network Conference Call, that will be technically hosted by IGLYO staff and facilitated by one or more IGLYO Alumni. The Conference Call will be held on 19 June 2020.

What would the Alumni Network do? The aim of this first Alumni Network Conference Call would be to build upon the initial discussions held in Helsinki.  This is an opportunity to brainstorm the various ways in which the Alumni Network could operate, and the type of activities it could deploy.

A few examples of matters that the Alumni Network could address during this first Alumni Network Conference Call: 



Why should you join the Conference Call?

The current IGLYO legacy of community power, inspiration and hope is a direct inheritance from your contributions as board members, volunteers, event participants, facilitators, thinkers, doers and creators. The IGLYO Alumni Network has the potential to be an intergenerational platform for maturing previous working and personal relationships, developing new ones, and continuing to bear witness to the future of LGBTQIA+ Youth activism. 

So you want to join the Conference Call? 

First, you must make sure you are registered in the IGLYO Alumni Database. If you have not received the latest Alumni Newsletter (January 2020), you are not listed in our database. Please fill in this form to register as an Alumni. 

Second, register for the Virtual Conference Call here

Third, share this call on your social media: make sure your past IGLYO comrades, roommates and/or crushes are part of the Alumni Network.

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