March 7, 2016

Call for Host Organisation: IGLYO’s Annual Members Conference 2017



AMC: Host Application Form for AMC 2017

Deadline: XXth of May 2016 – midnight

This is the official call for IGLYO member organisations to host the 2017 Annual Member Conference.

The Annual Members Conference is the most important meeting space for the Membership of IGLYO.  It is a statutory meeting that also includes a pre conference, workshops and social events which you as host organisation may help in shaping.. You can read more about the Annual Members Conference in IGLYO’s Statutes (chapter IV, § 11-16, General Assembly).

We have included within this call a guide to give you an idea as to what it takes to organize IGLYO’s Annual Members Conference.

How would my organisation benefit?

– The AMC is the largest and most important event on IGLYO’s calendar. Representatives from all Member Organisations are invited. This will provide you, as the hosting organisation, a unique opportunity to raise your profile amongst other IGLYO Members, partner organisations, decision makers, etc. There will also be opportunities throughout the conference for your organisation to demonstrate the work it is doing and share best practices. Additionally, you are greatly helping IGLYO, and will have the opportunity to take part in some of its internal procedures.

What does IGLYO expect from the hosting organisation?

– Hosting the AMC is a big responsibility for any Member Organisation. The preparation and implementation of the event will require considerable resources. IGLYO will bring a considerable part of the funding, but it will be necessary to find co-funding to help cover the costs. The process of searching for this funding must be included within your application.

Be assured that IGLYO will cooperate closely with you to ensure that the event is a success. We will be 100% behind you, and you will never be on your own left to organise everything.

Host organisation’s profile

1. Capacity to welcome representatives of all IGLYO Members and invited guests. This could be between 50 and 95 people from a wide range of Council of Europe states and beyond.

2. Motivation to spend the time and effort necessary to organise the event (i.e. regular contact by e-mail, some phone organisation, and one or two preparatory meetings held in the city of the AMC).

3. Ability and resources to seek local and/or national funding for the event. This would take place in cooperation with IGLYO.

4. Experience hosting conferences/large meetings and an understanding of the planning required.

5. Be able to work in English.

*1. Organisation Details

Name of Member Organisation

Location City

Location Country


*2. Main Contact Details

Full Name

Mobile No


Position in Organisation


*3. Please tell us about your motivation to host the  2017 IGLYO Annual Members Conference.

*4. Please tell us about your organisation’s experience of hosting large events.

*5. Please tell us about your experience of fundraising for projects and events.

*6. Please list all potential funding applications/grants/other sources of income you have identified to co-fund the Annual Members Conference with estimated amounts for each. Host organisations are expected to raise around €8.000 – €12.000.

Fund 1

Fund 2

Fund 3

Fund 4

Fund 5

*8. Please tell us what staff/volunteer resources you have available to assist with the planning and running of the Annual Members Conference.

9. Please tell us about any other information which you feel would support your application.


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