December 18, 2017

Call for Host Organisation: Activist Academy 2018


Event title: Activist Academy: A Young World
Time, place: July 2018 (5 working days, excluding travel)
Participants: 24 (excluding the organising team)
Funding requirements: €9,000 – €10,000 (co-funding)

Deadline for applications: 23:59 CET, 31 January 2018

Host Application Form  



IGLYO is looking for a host organisation to help fund and organise the second edition of our exciting new flagship capacity building programme: The Activist Academy. The event is kindly supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, but requires co-funding to help with accommodation, catering and venue hire costs.

Youth development and participation is at the heart of all IGLYO’s work and is what differentiates us from other all other international LGBTQI networks and organisations. We believe that giving young people opportunities to meet and share their experiences with one another and develop their skills and knowledge, through facilitated training programmes is what ensures that the LGBTQI movement continues to grow and unify globally.

In 2017, we started to create the Activist Academy – a five-day intensive training course, aimed at young people at the very start of their activist journey. The goal of the Activist Academy is to start building a community of more effective, empowered and connected LGBTQI youth activists through a structured hands-on capacity building and learning experience with an emphasis on individual development, team work and practical skill acquisition.  The first edition of the Activist Academy took place over five days during July 2017. It brought together twenty participants, five mentors, six workshop experts, five organisers and two local volunteers and it was an outstanding success. Here is more information about the Activist Academy, including the 2017 report and movie:


How would the host organisation benefit?

The Academy will be open to LGBTQI youth and student activists from across Europe from IGLYO’s Member Organisations. This will provide you, as the hosting organisation, a unique opportunity to raise your profile amongst other IGLYO members and partner organisations, and gain experience in delivering an inspirational and effective international training event.

What does IGLYO expect from the hosting organisation?

Hosting the Academy is a big responsibility for any member organisation. The preparation and implementation of the event will require certain resources. IGLYO will bring the majority of the funding, but it will be necessary to find co-funding to help cover the costs. The process of searching for this funding must be included within your application.

Be assured that IGLYO will cooperate closely with you to ensure that the event is a success. We will provide extensive support and you will never be on your own left to organise everything.

Host organisation’s profile:

  1. Capacity to welcome 24 LGBTQI youth and student activists from across the Council of Europe member states.
  2. Motivation to spend the time and effort necessary to organise this event (i.e. regular contact by e-mail, monthly online meetings, and one logistical preparatory meetings held in the city of the conference)
  3. Ability and resources to seek local and/or national funding for the event.
  4. Ability to recruit, train and co-ordinate a group of volunteers to manage logistics during the event
  5. Experience hosting conferences/large meetings and an understanding of the planning required.
  6. Be able to work in English.
  7. Be a member organisation of IGLYO.


If you are interested in hosting this event, we would love to hear from you! Please complete the short Application Form before 30 January 2018.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you very much for your interest and dedication and we hope to hear from you soon!

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