September 20, 2012

Call for contributions to next issue of IGLYO on Gender


Are you a young LGBTQI person, friend or ally? Are you interested in gender issues, and how gender influences the lives of LGBTQ young people? Do you have an interest in sharing your perspective with LGBTQ activists? If yes this call is for YOU!

IGLYO on…  is a periodical publication published several times a year on different issues from the LGBTQ youth perspective. The next issue of IGLYO On… follows our recent Study Session on Gender Equality: IGLYO On Gender.

We realise that this is quite a wide topic, therefore we’d like to offer several possible themes:
– Gender in the LGBTQI youth activism
– Gender perspective in non-formal eduction
– Gender representations in LGBTQI movement
– Feminism and LGBTQI movement
– Masculinity, femininity, and sexuality

This list is only a suggestion, and we would love to hear your ideas on gender and LGBTQ young people.

If you’re interested in writing an article for the “IGLYO on Gender” edition, please get back to us by Friday the 5th of October with a summary of what you want to write about and we will discuss further details over e-mail. You can reach us via

If you know somebody who might be interested to contribute, please pass this call along!

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