December 20, 2012

Call for article submissions to ‘’IGLYO on Dialogue’’


We are excited to offer our members and LGBTQ activists around the world a possibility to contribute to our next issue of the quarterly bulletin “IGLYO on…”. This time the theme is the intercultural and inter-religious dialogue in the LGBTQ youth sector.

We are looking for 6 articles of around 800-1000 words each for this issue. If you’re interested in contributing, and have relevant knowledge/experience in the field, please choose a topic from the list below and send an email to our secretariat at You can also suggest a  topic of your own choice, as long as it is related to intercultural and inter-religious dialogue from the LGBTQ youth perspective.

Suggested topics:

1. Intercultural Dialogue and LGBTQ Youth Work: Challenges and Opportunities
2. Religion & Sexuality
3. Best Practices in Promoting Intercultural and Inter-Religious Dialogue in the LGBTQ Youth work
4. Faith-Based Homo/Bi/Transphobia: Negligence or Dialogue?
5. My Faith, My Sexuality, My Life: Learning to Live in a Multicultural World

Interested contributors are welcome to contact us no later than the 28th of February 2013 with the article (in a Word Document format) and a short paragraph describing the author and author’s work/activism. You may also submit your photo for the article.

The ‘’IGLYO on Dialogue’’  will be published in Spring 2013.

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