April 14, 2017

Call for applications to become part of IGLYO’s Trainers Team


Become a part of IGLYO’s Team of Trainers that will help change the world!

Relevant dates, please read below for details:

Throughout the year, IGLYO receives several invitations to contribute with presentations, training and facilitation to events organised by various institutions. In addition, IGLYO provides young LGBTQI activists in Europe with its own learning and development opportunities, where training expertise is needed.

This is why IGLYO would like to build its own Team of Trainers, made up of talented and motivated LGBTQI activists who will be trained and supported to act as facilitators and trainers at various conferences, workshops and meetings and invites you to express your interest in being part of this team!

This year, the people selected to become part of the Team of Trainers must commit to the following cycle of events:

  1. A Mentor’s training, where the Team will receive knowledge and skills to act as team leaders and mentors for young activists. It will take place in Brussels, over 2 days, during 10-11 June.
  2. IGLYO’s Activist Academy, where the Team will have the chance to practice their skills, acting as mentors and team leaders for the young Activist Academy participants, as well as take part in a range of skills-based workshops delivered by experts from important institutions. It will take place in Berlin, over 5 days, during 17-21 July.
  3. A Training of Trainers, where the Team will have the opportunity to acquire deeper and more technical training design and facilitation expertise. It will take place in Brussels, over 2 days, during November (actual dates will be decided together with the Team).

Through this series of events, IGLYO hopes to build a dedicated and talented Team of Trainers that can effectively represent the organisation and contribute to sharing our knowledge throughout Europe.

If you are interested in this great opportunity, please do not hesitate to apply! This is what we are looking for in our prospective Trainers Team members:

Note that participation is voluntary and IGLYO does not pay consultation fees.

In order to apply, please fill in this online form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VFHLWGN

You will be notified about the result of your application. IGLYO might like to have a skype conversation with you before it makes the final decision.

Deadline for applications: 26.04.2017, 23.59 CET

If you have any questions or hesitations about the application and you would like to speak with IGLYO before you apply, do not hesitate to contact Tudor, IGLYO’s Capacity Building Officer, at tudor@iglyo.com or by phone at +40744870718.

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