June 7, 2013

Call for applications for the IGLYO representative to Advisory Council on Youth


Hereby we are launching a call for applications for the representative to Advisory Council on Youth.

During the recent European Youth Forum’s Council of Members meeting IGLYO was elected to the Advisory Council (AC) on Youth for the mandate of 2014-2015. In the election to the AC, IGLYO received broad support from both the National Youth Councils and International Youth NGO pillars in YFJ. As the only LGBTQ and specifically human rights organisation elected, IGLYO will play an important part in making sure that human rights and the well-being of marginalized groups stay on the Council of Europe Youth Department agenda.

The AC is made up of 30 representatives from youth NGOs and networks who provide opinions and input on all youth sector activities. It also ensures that young people are involved in other activities of the Council of Europe and is a part of the co-management in the Youth Department of the CoE. Young people, together with the representatives of the governments of the member states of the Council of Europe, take the important decisions on the functioning of the Youth Department.

With this call we are looking for candidates to represent IGLYO at the Advisory Council on Youth for the 2014-2015 mandate.

If you are interested please submit your application consisting of three items: 1) CV ,  2) cover letter and 3) one or two professional or academic references.

Applications should be sent to office@iglyo.com before the by 30th June 2013, midnight [CET].

Nominated Advisory Council members should commit to the following responsibilities:

Benefits of the post:


If you have any questions please get in touch via office@iglyo.com

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