March 2, 2023

Open Call for a new IGLYO Board Member | Deadline: 19 March 2023


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IGLYO Board Member Co-Option 2023 | Open Call

Application for this call closed on Sunday 19 March 2023 at 23:59 CET.

You can also download this full call in PDF here.


IGLYO — The International LGBTQI Youth & Student Organisation is the world’s largest LGBTQI Youth and Student member-based organisation, counting more than 100 Member Organisations in over 40 countries across the Council of Europe Region. IGLYO aims to advance the rights of LGBTQI young people, fight for equality and inclusion, and empower LGBTQI youth voices through international training and events, thematic research and advocacy campaigns, online tools and resources, networking activities, and more. You can learn more about IGLYO on

The Board of IGLYO is hoping to co-opt one new Board Member with proven experience in Racial Justice or other rights movements intersectional with LGBTQI rights who will serve from April to October 2023. This new Board Member would then be eligible to run for re-election for the next three years in the General Assembly in October 2023. 

We extend a warm invitation to apply for the IGLYO Board. Read the full call below and apply by Sunday 19 March 2023 at 23:59 CEST.


What is the IGLYO Board?

The IGLYO Board consists of a dynamic and dedicated team of 9 young volunteers legally mandated by the organisation’s General Assembly to oversee the governance of the organisation, represent its membership, and lead and contribute to the strategic direction of the network in collaboration with the Secretariat. 

Being an IGLYO Board Member is an unpaid legal position, and an important one: All Board Members share legal ownership of the organisation. You can meet current IGLYO Board Members here.

To help them in their role, IGLYO Board Members are supported by a Governance Team, who provides them and the Secretariat with guidance on several topics such as budgets, work plans, human resources and opportunities.


Who can apply? 

The Board Member role speaks to you? You can apply if you meet the following requirements:

​IGLYO particularly welcomes applications from underrepresented groups and communities such as young women, trans youth (including non-binary), intersex youth, young people from Black communities, other communities of colour and ethnic minorities, refugees/migrants, sex workers, disabled youth (including neurodivergent youth), young people living with HIV, and fat young people.


What would my duties be? 

The role of a Board Member in IGLYO involves:


Why should I apply?

Being part of the IGLYO Board is an exciting adventure on the human level wherein you’ll contribute as much as you will learn. If elected as a Board Member of IGLYO, you will notably: 

The list doesn’t stop there; the more invested you are, the more you’ll get out of your mandate!


What is the time commitment?

The new Board Member will serve from April to October 2023, and will then be eligible to run for re-election for the next three years in the General Assembly in October 2023. In-person Board meetings are organised with the Secretariat once every three months, with travel and accommodation costs covered by IGLYO. In addition, Board Members meet bimonthly online, including once with the Executive Director, who reports to them on updates from the Secretariat.

How do I apply? 

Application for this call closed on Sunday 19 March 2023 at 23:59 CET.

Please note that, in the form, you will notably be asked which IGLYO Member Organisation nominated you, as well as to provide your motivation to join the Board (max 300 words) and the experience and expertise you would bring to this position (max 300 words). The application shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to complete!


What happens next?

You’ve read the call and filled in the application? Great, you’re done with your part! After the application deadline, the IGLYO Board will carefully read all the applications and contact the selected candidate. We will contact you with the next steps by the end of March, so make sure to check your emails!


Questions and contact

For any questions, please contact our Engagement Officer Petra Tomašić at

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