October 15, 2021

All means all: Council Conclusions EU Rights of the Child Strategy

Advocacy, IGLYO

IGLYO strongly regrets that the Council of the EU missed a crucial opportunity to adopt Conclusions on the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child. An adoption at the Meeting of the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council on October 7, 2021, would have been an important expression of commitment towards the promotion and protection of the rights of children across the EU. The vetoes of Hungary and Poland cast doubt over advancements in this area within the legislative framework of the Union. 

IGLYO firmly condemns the anti-LGBTQI rhetoric that the Hungarian and Polish governments deployed in this context. By continuing their assault on LGBTQI children’s rights, they not only endanger the rights of LGBTQI people but sacrifice positive legal developments for all children in the name of their hostile political agenda. Behind the deceitful argument of “protecting the children”, this agenda causes further stigmatisation and puts the mental health as well as physical safety of children at an even greater risk. 

Indeed, LGBTQI children are at a particular risk of discrimination arising at the intersections of being young and their sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and sex characteristics. Acknowledging this particular vulnerability would have been an important first step towards the full realisation of their rights. These rights comprise the right to healthy development, freedom of expression, self-identity, inclusive education and access to justice as laid out by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

IGLYO calls upon the European Commission and all EU Member States to work towards the full implementation of the actions and initiatives contained in the strategy. We re-emphasize the vulnerable position of LGBTQI children as highlighted by the EU Strategy and the importance of protecting the rights of all children in all their diversity.

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