May 4, 2021

Activist Academy 2021 Global Online Edition

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IGLYO is happy to announce the 2021 Global Online edition of its fantastic training program for young LGBTQI activists, the Activist Academy.

After the success that the first online edition of the Academy was, thanks to all the amazing participants from all over the world, we are excited to announce the second online and the fifth Activist Academy. Our goal is to jumpstart younger volunteers/staff/activists into skill-demanding and leadership roles within LGBTQI organisations. Once again this year, IGLYO will open the Academy to young activists from all over the world.

Here is the link to the report from last year’s edition, part of a whole website about the Activist Academy, feel free to explore it! 

The Global Online 5th edition of IGLYO’s Activist Academy will begin on 17 June and finish on 3 July. It will include 5-6 live sessions and a few hours of individual/team work. The total time commitment of each participant will be around 30 hours, spread around 2 weeks. 

The Supreme Activist Academy 2021 Trophy will be awarded to the top 3 winning teams based on their completed challenges and will total Euro 1350 , divided between the teams (so Euro 450 per team).

This effective and intensive training program consists of 3 expert-facilitated workshops and 3 “challenges”, or simulated projects that participants will have to work on, applying the skills they learned during the workshops. The participants are encouraged to sign up in teams of maximum 3, and they will cooperate with their teammates to complete the challenges and will engage in a friendly competition with the other teams. The teams will be supported by a group of trained mentors who will participate in the teams’ meetings and provide some guidance and support. During the Award Ceremony, three teams will win the Academy trophies, based on the votes from the other teams and on the votes of the jury. 

This year’s edition will include expert-facilitated workshops on the following topics:

  1. Designing beautiful social media posts for campaigns
  2. Public speaking
  3. TBA. We are still working on this one! 😉 

and a few additional live sessions, as follows:

If you are interested in participating, identify between 1-2 colleagues to form a team and fill in this registration form  individually (each team member will have to fill in the form – this helps us design a more relevant program; make sure that each of your teammates writes the name of your team) before 6 June 23.59 CET. If you cannot find team-members, you can register alone but please consider that you will have to complete the challenges by yourself, or you will have a chance to form a team with other participants, but this will present the added difficulty of working closely with people you have never met before from different countries and time zones. 

More information can be found on the Activist Academy website. If you have any questions regarding the Academy, please email Tudor, IGLYO’s Program Manager, at

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