August 23, 2017

We are looking for leaders like you to join our board!


Are you looking for a unique leadership opportunity? Have you been yearning to put your talent in strategic thinking, organisation behaviour, project management or policy advocacy in the service of a great cause?

Well, look no further! If you are committed to change attitudes in society and influence decision makers on all levels by ensuring LGBTQI+ young people’s voices and experiences are present, heard and affirmed, we are looking for you!

IGLYO is looking for leaders like you to join our board. For many years, our volunteer board has been the strategic heart of our organisation, ensuring that in our work for LGBTQI+ young people, we deliver real results, respond to changes in our community and always deliver the highest ethical standards to be worthy of our public support. As the Annual Members’ Conference gets closer, Member Organisations are invited to submit nominations for candidates to the Board of IGLYO before 30 August 2017 by completing the form found HERE. The list of candidates along with the nomination forms will be circulated to Member Organisations according to the regulations of the statutes.

Please note that this form may be used to nominate only one person to run for election to the IGLYO Board. The information requested will be used as part of the procedures related to the election of the board members and this information will be circulated to Member Organisations and the delegates. All sections in this form must be filled out.

For a nomination to be valid, the candidate must fit following criteria:

Additionally to criteria above, we urge candidates to consider other requirements that position of the IGLYO Board members entails:

IGLYO also strongly encourages member organisations to think about the diversity of the LGBTQI community when selecting a delegate. We particularly encourage applications from people who identify as women.

See you in Zagreb!

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