September 8, 2014

30th Anniversary Event Update


 IGLYO is delighted with the interest in the 30th Anniversary Event so far, but is still keen to attract a few more people who were involved with IGLYO from 1984 – 1998.

Although we are aiming to invite everyone who has signed up, we will be able to confirm this by Fri 19th September at the latest. A draft programme will also be released by this date, to give you an idea of what will be involved.

IGLYO and BeLonG To are delighted to announce that all accommodation (Wed 12th & Thu 14th November) and meals (dinner Wed 12th – lunch Fri 14th) will be covered for all participants. Participants who have been nominated by their member origination to attend GA14 as well as the 30th event will also have their flights reimbursed.

The accommodation will involve sharing with 3 – 7 people, so if you would rather book and pay for your own accommodation, you can let us know on the registration form.

For participants who are just attending the 30th event, we are still aiming to cover part or all of the costs for your flights too, as long as you agree to participate in the full programme. We will be able to confirm what flight costs can be covered towards the end of October.


One of the following two options will be offered to ’30th event only’ participants:


Option 1 (Preferred)

IGLYO will reimburse all or most of participants’ flight costs (a maximum flight cost may be set), but ask participants to make a minimum donation of €100 to IGLYO, to support our new individual donations programme. This should be less than the cost of everyone’s flights, so hopefully seems like a reasonable offer.


Option 2 (Contigency)

IGLYO will be unable to reimburse flight costs, but will not ask for a donation.

If you are selected and are happy with either of these options, we will ask you to book your travel as soon as possible and complete our registration form to confirm your attendance and travel details. On the registration form, we are also asking for you to nominate three to five people we can contact on your behalf about our new donations programme.


If you are unable to cover the costs of your flight or make a donation, please email us at and we will do our best to find a solution.


***Please keep a copy of all receipts and boarding cards so IGLYO can reimburse some or all of the costs depending upon funding.***

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