Objective 1: Building young activists

Key Activities

Activist Academy

This annual five-day event aims to provide a starting point for young people interested in LGBTQI rights to become activists. Through a menu of skills-based workshops and team challenges, this intensive training programme builds the confidence and skills of participants to become leaders.


Study Sessions

Each year, through the Council of Europe Youth Centres, IGLYO runs a five-day educational event for young people on a variety of current topics. Regardless of the focus, however, the methodology and approach ensures that participants learn through experience, peer discussion and group work, building key skills and competencies


Online Capacity Building

IGLYO began its online capacity building programme in 2016 with a series of webinars. Over the next three years, IGLYO aims to develop this work substantially, offering a series of online interactive modules, which will greatly increase the volume and reach of our capacity building work with young people


Workshops & Trainings

IGLYO regularly designs and delivers a range of workshops and trainings for young people to increase their skills. These are run at LGBTQI events, European youth meetings, and at partner conferences.

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