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Kaos GL – Intreview with Hakan

Kaos GL is a Turkish LGBQI organisation and member of IGLYO. To discover more about the organisation’s work and initiatives, we interviewed Hakan, Finance and Project Coordinator.   1) What is your name and your role inside Kaos GL? My name is Hakan. I work as a Finance Coordinator. I’m also Project Coordinator for “Internet Freedom and […]

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Trans-Fuzja – Interview with Wiktor Dynarski

Trans-Fuzja is a Polish LGBTQI organisation mostly focused on trans rights. For our appointment “Members’ Monday”, we interviewed today Wiktor Dynarski, President and Executive Director of Trans-Fuzja, in order to get to know better Trans-Fuzja’s main initiatives and activities.   1) Wiktor, what is a very exciting project Trans-Fuzja is currently working on? Together with Lambda Warsaw […]

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