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PINK Embassy – Interview with Artan Karoli

PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro Albania is a non-profit organization which works for the protection and advancement of the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, intersex and queer people in Albania. Since 2014 PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro has been working to host the first LGBT Pride in Albania, on May 17th as well as […]

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Magnus – Interview with Jernej Škof

MAGNUS is gay section at ŠKUC (Students Cultural Centre). It was founded in 1984 as Cultural Organisation for Socialisation of Homosexuality. Its first and most important roles were organising MAGNUS Festival with a wide variety of activities to make acceptable homosexual life style. MAGNUS also organised a Week of Gay Films Festival on which most […]

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Study Session Down & Out, Budapest – First Days and First Impressions

Our participants in IGLYO’s study session “DOWN & OUT: Social Exclusion of LGBTQ Young People and Homelessness” are now gathered at the European Youth Centre in Budapest, Hungary, exploring the topic of social inclusion and the intersection of LGBTQ identities and socioeconomic status. The study session started on the 26th October and will end on the 31st. These first […]

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Interviews with Organisation Intersex International Europe (OII)

IGLYO Interviews Activists from OII Europe In our continuing efforts to represent the interests of LGBTQI youth, we recently held an Intersex Capacity Building Seminar in partnership with ILGA Europe. This was aimed at finding ways to address human rights issues faced by intersex people and to explore what the LGBTQ community can do to […]

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Study session on LGBTQ youth and homelessness: Call for Applications

DOWN & OUT Social Exclusion of LGBTQ Young People and Homelessness Call for Participants  IGLYO is delighted to invite you to participate in the study session “DOWN & OUT: Social Exclusion of LGBTQ Young People and Homelessness”. The study session will be held at the European Youth Centre, Budapest, Hungary, from 25 October to 31 […]

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