Organisational Documents

In this section you will find such organisational documents as IGLYO Statutes, Policy and Position Papers, Roundtable Statements  General Assembly documents, Work Programmes and Activity Reports.

IGLYO Statutes

IGLYO Statutes 2017

IGLYO Statutes 2016

Strategic Plans

IGLYO Strategic Plan 2018 -2020

IGLYO Strategic Plan 2014-2018

IGLYO Strategic Plan 2011-2013

IGLYO Strategic Plan 2008-2010

Work Plans

IGLYO Workplan 2018

IGLYO Workplan 2017

IGLYO Workplan 2016

IGLYO Workplan 2007

IGLYO Workplan 2006

IGLYO Workplan 2005

Annual Reports

IGLYO Dutch Ministry Annual Report 2018

IGLYO Annual Report 2017

IGLYO Annual Report 2016


Finance Reports

IGLYO Detailed Financial Report 2017


Position Papers

IGLYO Position Paper – Intersex 2016

IGLYO Position Paper – Norm Criticism 2015

IGLYO Position Paper – Intersectionality 2015

IGLYO Position Paper- Social Inclusion 2014

IGLYO Position Paper- Education 2013

IGLYO Position Paper- Human Rights 2012

IGLYO Position Paper- Health 2012

IGLYO Position Paper- Inter-religious & Inter-cultural Dialogue 2011


Intersectionality Roundtable Statements

IGLYO Roundtable Socio-economic Statuses Statement

IGLYO Roundtable Gender Statement

IGLYO Roundtable (Dis)abilities Statement

IGLYO Roundtable Racial & Ethnic Identities Statement


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