In 2007, IGLYO started publishing a quarterly periodical called IGLYO On… which provides thematic information for LGBTQ youth and students organisations in their fight for equality and justice.

IGLYO On… is written by volunteers and enables young people across Europe to contribute their perspective to the LGBTQ movement. The publication is distributed to all member organisations and partners and is published online and in print four times a year.

You can also order hard copies of publications to be sent by post. The publications are free, but we ask for postage to be paid for orders of 5 copies and above. To order,  please contact us via email.


IGLYO on Intersectionality


Download IGLYO On Intersectionality

IGLYO on 30



Download IGLYO On 30

IGLYO on Norm Criticism


Download IGLYO On Norm Criticism


IGLYO on Advocacy

Spring 2014

Download IGLYO On Advocacy

IGLYO on Online Hate Speech

Winter 2013

Download IGLYO on Online Hate Speech

IGLYO on Bullying

Summer 2013

Download IGLYO on Bullying

IGLYO on Dialogue

Summer 2013

Download IGLYO on Dialogue.pdf

IGLYO on Gender

Winter 2012

Download IGLYO on Gender pdf.

IGLYO on Sports

Summer 2012

IGLYO on Social Media

Summer 2012


IGLYO on Progress

October 2011

IGLYO on Access

June 2011

IGLYO on Trans

April 2011

IGLYO on Legislation

November 2010

IGLYO on Pride

June 2011

IGLYO on Health

December 2009

IGLYO on Best Practices

November 2009

IGLYO on Research

June 2009

IGLYO on Global Activism

May 2009

IGLYO on 25 years of Activism

March 2009

IGLYO on Intergenerational Dialogue

December 2008

IGLYO on Human Rights

September 2008

IGLYO on Education

March 2008

IGLYO on Religion

December 2007

IGLYO on Strategies

September 2007

IGLYO on Education

June 2007

IGLYO on Mental Health

March 2007

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