job vacancy: wordpress developer


IGLYO- The International Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Intersex (LGBTQI) Youth and Student Organisation would like to commission the design and build of a Word Press based online learning platform, which could be integrated within IGLYO’s existing website.


Project objective

Capacity building is one of the core values of IGLYO, which provides a wide range of face-to-face training and learning opportunities. IGLYO would like to expand to the realm of online learning by creating an online learning platform within its website (, which will provide a range of learning modules with the following objectives:

– increase the number of people who access IGLYO’s capacity building opportunities

– increase the diversity of topics and skills that IGLYO provides as capacity building

– create opportunities for peer-learning and peer support in a community of learning.



IGLYO operates its own website,, based on WordPress, which has a specific visual design and identity. The online learning platform should be part of this website and reflect its visual identity.



Content generation/instructional design

  • create blocks of content based on various media: video, photos, text, possibility to link to other media sources or websites
  • create blocks of learner’s practice including:
  • quizzes (simple choice, multiple choice, matching answers, open ended, fill in the blanks, ranking)
  • possibility for learner to upload essays as text, recordings, photos or videos in response to various prompts.


Learner management and peer learning:

  • login requirements for all participants to access the courses
  • analytics, user database management
  • providing feedback to assignments, or qualitative grading
  • chatroom or discussion page
  • direct messaging


Online conferencing (if possible)

  • multiple users
  • screenshare
  • chatroom
  • video for a limited number of users
  • over-the-web audio
  • possibility to mute users



The designer and IGLYO will agree together on a realistic timeline for the completion of this project. However, results should be available no later than end of December 2018. The bidding process will be finalized on 26 October and the successful bidder will be notified immediately.



The selection process will be based on the strength of the proposal alongside value for money. The overall budget, however, should not exceed €2.000. Bids should include a detailed breakdown of costs, also highlighting any ongoing costs once the platform is built.

Normally, IGLYO makes a payment upon successful completion of the project, however, payment terms can be negotiated with the successful bidder.


Terms of reference

Please submit an electronic package with the following items to, before 26 October at 9 a.m. CET:

– a proposal, including technical aspects, timeline and budget

– a portfolio highlighting relevant/similar projects


We may also request a CV or references if we have not worked with you before.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, at

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