IGLYO Online Learning, together! A Webinar on Hate Crimes and phone apps

IGLYO Online Learning, together!

Please join us for IGLYO’s first (but not last) webinar/online meeting hosted by a Member Organisation!

Arcopoli Spain has recorded an increase in hate crimes against LGBTQ people. Within a larger project addressing this issue, named “Observatorio Madrileño contra la LGTBfobia”, an idea to focus on the people who report everyday hate comes and to begin to provide them with necessary assistance is that of a PHONE APP.

The goal of our webinar/online meeting is to get ideas on how to approach the app and to improve it; and to learn together by sharing experiences and ideas between IGLYO’s members and other organisations on such approaches.

During IGLYO’s last Annual Members Conference, a group of member organisations gathered in a self-organised space that was very useful for Arcopoli. This webinar/online meeting can continue the discussions from that space.

So let’s get together in this online meeting across Europe (or even farther) to help Arcopoli and also learn more on the possibility of a phone app for reporting and assisting in the issue of hate crimes.

The online meeting will take place on 3 March 2018, at 2 pm CET. You need an internet connection on your computer or mobile phone. The webinar will take up to 60 minutes.  It will not be a typical webinar where you just listen to someone speaking. Be prepared to share your experiences, ask and answer questions and participate actively.

Please register any time before the webinar here:


After registration you will receive an email with instructions on joining the meeting.

Please stay in touch with us for more webinars on other interesting topics soon to come!



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