Call for School Climate Survey Co-ordinators

Deadline: 20th February 2018

In 2018, IGLYO will begin the second phase of our LGBTQI INclusive Education project and are looking for 5-8 member organisations to take part. Together with GLSEN, ILGA Europe and the Columbia University  we will support member organisations to conduct a national school climate survey

GLSEN (the US-based organisation Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network) has extensive experience of carrying out school climate surveys and their reports highlight the many impacts of this work. ILGA Europe and Columbia University have already implemented surveys in a few Council of Europe countries over the last year, so we are keen to build this data in further countries.

The aim of the school climate survey is to:
– gather the experiences of LGBTQI learners who are currently at school (do they feel safe, have they experienced bullying, etc..)
– measure the extent to which they feel included and supported
– highlight how their experiences of school, have an impact on their health and well being
If your organisation is interested in participating in the school climate survey, you would need to engage in the following tasks:

** Adapting and translating questionnaire (April 2018)
** Developing a recruitment plan to reach to as many LGBTQI students as possible (April 2018)
** Testing the web-based survey  (May 2018)
** Launch of online survey (May 2018)
** Collect a minimum of 200 responses from LGBTQI students who are currently at school (August 2018)
** Translating minor fields for data analysis (September 2018)

The organisation will receive:

–       support from IGLYO to complete the previous tasks
–       support from IGLYO and other international organisations to launch the survey in the country
–       limited funding for advertising the survey (There is no further funding for staff time or other costs)
–       a draft report in English with data analysis
–       support from IGLYO to carry out advocacy work in the country

If you are interested in taking part in this project, please contact us by 20 February at the latest and indicate briefly the added-value this project would have for your organisation. Please, bear in mind that we will need to receive at least 200 respondents per country. 
We are looking forward to starting this exciting new project and look forward to hearing from you.

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