Call for participants Pestalozzi teacher training

IGLYO, Queer Youth Norway, Oslo University College, the Norwegian LGBT organisation and The Wergeland Centre have the privilege to invite school staff and other relevant participants for a 5 day workshop on gender and sexuality education, in Oslo, Norway, the 11th to 15th of October 2015.


Workshop objectives

Gender and sexuality are fundamental parts of our human identities. They play a central role in the way we live our lives and shape our families. Societies’ understanding of sexuality and gender identity is influenced by societal and cultural norms, and therefore varies through time, as well as from country to country. Our sexual and gender identity are closely linked to our Human Rights. However those of us who breach with what is regarded as the norm or “normal” in a society, in terms of gender and sexuality, are among the most targeted groups of discrimination and hate crime. Education is vital in shaping and influencing young people’s attitudes regarding gender and sexual identity, and can therefore play a leading role in combating discrimination. However as these topics are often regarded as sensitive or even taboo, many schools shy away from addressing these issues. This workshop therefore aims to empower school staff, and enable them to take action.

Through this European workshop of the Pestalozzi Programme we wish to give school staff from across Europe the opportunity to meet, share experiences and develop inclusive and anti- discriminatory tools to educate students on gender and sexual diversity.


Expected Outcomes

  • Increased competence in inclusive education on gender and sexuality
  • Strengthened educational skills based on best practiced on gender and sexual education
  • Existing educational tools identified and further developed, taking into account participants` local context
  • Action plans developed to counter homophobic and transphobic bullying as well as to proactively raise sexual orientation and gender identity issues


Working Methods

The workshop will be based on participatory, non-formal educational methods, and in so doing ensuring that the content is relevant for the participant’s local contexts.  This is combined with sessions focused on sharing educational methods and the best practices of workshop participants as well as external actors.


Please see the draft agenda here.

Participant profile

The Ideal participant:

  • Is eager to learn, and motivated to continue working with the themes in the aftermath of the workshop. No past experience required.
  • Is a teacher, school staff, school head, inspector, advisor, curriculum writer/developer, teacher trainer, child psychologist, or a school nurse
  • Work with children aged 12-19
  • Has good working knowledge of the English language
  • Is open to sharing personal experiences and learning from other participants
  • Is able to act as a multiplier
  • Is able to attend no less than 80% of the workshop (priority given to applicants who can attend the full workshop program)

We encourages applicants from all ethnic, cultural, and migrant backgrounds to apply, as well as all socio-economic situations, and all sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions. Every accommodation possible will be made to welcome people regardless of (dis)abilities.

The workshop will be conducted in English. You do not need to be fluent in English, but please note that no translation will be provided.


Participant selection process

Applications have to be approved by your employer and your national liaison office. The organisers will make the final selection.

Here you may find the online application form, please read the guidelines carefully:


Costs and practical arrangements

All costs are covered.



Arrival: 11th of October
Departure: 15th of October

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