Event: Annual Members Conference (AMC) 2017

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Host Organisation: Zagreb Pride

Arrivals: 28/09/17

AMC: 29/09/17 – 01/10/17

Departures: 02/10/17 (or 01/10/17 7 pm)

Working Language: English

Funded by: European Commission, EYF, Dutch Government, Zagreb Pride


Once registered for the Conference join the AMC17 Facebook group for the latest updates.


Venue details coming soon.


Accommodation will be provided in the ChillOut Hostel.

Address: Tomićeva ul. 5A, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: +385 1 4849 605


Zagreb airport Pleso is located 30 km from downtown Zagreb. You can catch the shuttle bus going to the Central Bus Station in Zagreb. The bus leaves in every 30 minutes in front of the terminal at the airport. You may purchase a ticket at the bus driver.




Registration Opens: 05/06/17

Early Bird Registration*: 30/06/17 (€50,00)

Standard Registration*: 14/08/17 (€65,00)

Proxy Nomination: 31/07/17

Member Motions: 17/08/17

AMC 19 Host Applications: 30/08/17

Board Member Application: 30/08/17

*Travel should be booked in advance of registering.


Early Bird Registration: €50

Standard Registration: €65

Additional Delegate: €210 + travel (for members sending 2 or more)

To help cover the costs of organisations who cannot afford to attend, IGLYO has set up the Participation Fund. Organisations are encouraged to donate to the fund as part of the registration process. You can either transfer the participation fee in advance via PayPal or bank transfer. If transfer fees make these options costly, you can pay the participation fee in cash at the event. Please make sure you have the exact money. On registration via our Members’ platform, IGLYO will issue an invoice to the delegate. If, for any reason, this fee prevents your organisation from participating in the meeting, please email us to discuss.


Accommodation will be provided from Thu 28 September – Mon 02 October. Please keep in mind that accommodation will be provided in a hostel, meaning you will share your room with up to 4 other delegates.

All meals will be provided from dinner on Thursday 28 September to breakfast on Monday 02 October. Unfortunately, due to funding restrictions, IGLYO will be unable to reimburse any additional meal costs.


Organisations who are members of IGLYO can nominate one delegate to the Annual Members’ Conference. Please complete the online registration form on our Members’ Portal.

Log into your member profile

Don’t know your password? Reset it here.

If you have any problems accessing your organisation’s profile, please get in touch with us. 

Additional Delegates

Member organisations are welcome to send additional delegates to the for a cost of €210 (€65 participation fee, €145 for accommodation/meals). Please note that travel costs of additional delegates will not be reimbursed by IGLYO.

Delegation by Proxy

If your organisation is unable to send a representative to take part in the Annual Members Conference, we strongly encourage you to nominate an organisation who can vote on your behalf. This can be done by completing the Proxy Nomination Form.

As stated in the statutes article 15:

“Should one Member be absent, they may choose to give their vote to a proxy. Proxies must be Members. Any Member may only hold two proxies, expiring at the end of the Annual Members’ Conference for which the proxies were given”.


IGLYO will reimburse travel costs for up to €300 for one delegate from each member organisation. Travel should be booked before completing the registration form, as you will be required to add your arrival/departure dates and times. If your travel exceeds €300, please contact karo@iglyo.com in advance to discuss. All travel booked should be a reasonable compromise between the lowest price and convenience. For budget airlines, a small bag may be added.

You can explore cheap flight options through:






You can check if you require a visa to travel to Croatia here or at the Croatia embassy/consulate in your country. If you do require a visa please let us know and provide the necessary details via the Registration from until no later than 30 June 2017.


Before posting Reimbursement Forms and receipts/boarding passes, please send a scanned copy or photos of all documents, including the Reimbursement Form to receipts@iglyo.com IGLYO still needs the original paper copies too, so they should be posted to:


Chaussée de Boondael 6

1050 Brussels


Please make sure that original paper copies arrive no later than 01 November 2017 in the IGLYO office.

A/ Tickets & Receipts

Even if your travel was paid for by IGLYO it is essential that you keep all tickets and receipts. Boarding passes are especially important, so even if you check in online, please save a PDF copy of all tickets. Failure to supply tickets or receipts will result in you being asked to pay back the amount in full.

Whenever possible, you should check in online prior to departure and save the copy of electronic boarding passes to send with your completed reimbursement form and any other receipts to receipts@iglyo.com.  This ensures that the boarding passes will not be lost. Furthermore, it is required to check in online by some of the budget airlines to avoid additional charges.

Participants should aim to keep expenses low by:

Eligible claims are:

Claims shall not include:

All claims made must be recorded on the IGLYO Reimbursement Form, signed and dated by the claimant and accompanied by receipts, which must be numbered and attached to sheets of A4, taped behind the Reimbursement Form. All receipts must be arranged so they are fully visible.

Delegates must participate at least in 80% of the AMC to get their travel costs reimbursed.


All IGLYO Member Organisations should actively participate in the Annual Members Conference. By attending you will be able to:

A/ Submit motions and/or changes to the agenda

Do you think IGLYO is missing a topic that members should talk or know about? Do you think the statutes need an update? You can submit both motions and agenda changes through the Motion Submission Form by the deadline above.

Please note that only concrete proposals with a clear explanation shall be submitted. Incomplete proposals without sufficient information may cause the motion/agenda change not to be considered.

B/ Board Applications

Every AMC involves voting for new IGLYO Board Members. If your organisation would like to be more actively involved in running IGLYO you can submit a Board Application Form by the deadline above. IGLYO encourages member organisations to think about diversity when nominating candidates.

C/ Host Organisations for AMC19

IGLYO invites every member organisation to apply for hosting the AMC two years in advance. For more details on what we expect from and support AMC host organisation with, have a look at the Host Application Form and submit your application by the deadline above.

Should you have any further questions about the registration, travel, fees, preparations for the Annual Members Conference or application processes, please do not hesitate to contact us via services@iglyo.com.


Organisations who still haven’t paid membership fees for the year 2017 or previous years may still register for the Annual Members Conference. If the outstanding fees are not received before the beginning of AMC, it will be requested in cash at the registration of the event. An invoice will be provided as a receipt. Payment of these fees is necessary to have full voting rights.

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