Meet IGLYO's Training Team

IGLYO, as the biggest network of LGBTIQ youth and student organizations in Europe, is dedicated to building the capacity of its member organizations and young activists in the field of combating discrimination for recognition and appreciation of human rights. In order to be able to better respond to the learning needs of its member organisations and any interested institutions, IGLYO has set up a brand new team, a pool of trainers. This team is made up of five experienced and enthusiastic professionals and activists from all over Europe.

This Pool of Trainers is equipped with a very diverse range of skills, ready to provide training (from basic LGBTIQ topics to more advanced skill building, such as strategic planning and organisational development diagnostics). Some of the topics we are covering are intersectionality, norm criticism, campaigning, public speaking, training design and delivery, project design and management, etc.

We are here to support, help, facilitate, discuss, talk, perform, charm – regardless if you are a grassroots organisation, informal group, a network, a team of professionals or a big and well-established organisation. Give us a challenge, we’re eager to take it!

To contact the Training Team, please email IGLYO’s Capacity Building Officer, Tudor Kovacs, at

Asier Carrasco

Asier has been working as a youth worker in local, national and international settings with various organisations since 1997. He has taken part on different management boards of youth organisations and has worked in the public, private and third sectors in education and youth work projects. Asier has been a freelance trainer and consultant for just over 15 years. His interests go from learning (and how we learn) to Human Rights Education; from Inclusion or Environmental education.

Asier is a member of the pool of trainers of several Erasmus + national Agencies and the pool of trainers of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

His areas of expertise include:

* Erasmus+: Youth in Action, funding applications, project management. European Citizenship.

* Sexual health, Inclusion, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Bullying, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia.

* Creativity

* Youth work and Non-formal Education.

* Human Rights Education, Participation, Children rights,…

* Environmental education, Climate change, global warming, sustainability,…

Asier is a certified LEGO Serious Play method facilitator and is a keen Graphic facilitator. He also has experience in evaluating and assessing the performance in certain skills like workshop development and delivery, public speaking, etc. and he has done training in those fields too.

Besides his training and facilitation skills, Asier also works as a consultant on project design and management, youth work and community education.

Asier currently collaborates with several Youth and LGBTQI organisations in Scotland, Slovakia and Spain. He also works as a freelance trainer, facilitator and consultant.

More information:

Sarah Rowlinson

Sarah is an experienced and creative facilitator, who has worked in the fields of social care, youth work and the student movement for the last 15 years. She’s spent the last six of these working in local, national and international LGBTQ youth organisations, delivering youth work services, managing people and projects and delivering learning and development opportunities with young people and professionals. Sarah was a member of the IGLYO Board from 2012 – 14, during which time she served as the Health Working group lead, Treasurer and Co-Chair.

She has also developed a coaching programme to support diverse leadership in the student movement in the UK and was a mentor for IGLYO’s first Activist Academy.

Sarah’s interest and expertise lie in

  • Sexual Orientation and Gender identity; LGBTQI Identities and experiences; inclusion, anti-bullying work in education, anti-homophobia, biphobia and transphobia
  • Sexual health and relationships education
  • Supporting teams to plan, develop and grow
  • Exploring and developing your leadership; Public speaking
  • Creativity; Craftivism;

Sarah currently works as an LGBTQ Youth Coordinator in South London.

Anđela Ceh

Anđela is a young but experienced, very committed LGBTIQ activist from Serbia, working in several different fields.

She is into communications and public speaking (from designing and leading the process of communication strategy development, over implementing campaigns and promotional activities to giving speeches and providing tools and tips&tricks on how to improve different kinds of public appearances).

Anđela is good at project design and management, including fundraising, and strategic planning for NGOs (needs assessment, developing strategies and action plans, designing projects, facilitating and supporting strategies and supporting action plans elaboration, managing teams and supporting team members to improve their skills and capacities).

Graduating in Communications, with the special focus on leadership, queer studies and gender studies, combined with years of engagement in civic sector, Anđela is skillful in facilitation, moderation, developing methodologies (research, monitoring, evaluation), conducting workshops and trainings on various human rights based topics.

She is also working towards an MA in Global media culture: Gender and the media. In addition, she is part of the program of psycho-drama education, helping to improve her skills in different group processes (team buildings, group cohesion, self-care)

Her first official employer was the Government of the Republic of Serbia Office for Human and Minority rights; she considers this to be a very valuable experience, providing her an advantage in understanding the connections and possible ways of engagement between government and NGO sector, in the frame of human rights.

She currently works at Citizen Association EGAL as program coordinator and project manager. Her biggest passion is supporting LGBTIQ community in any possible way, learning and sharing the knowledge.

Matea Popov

Matea is an experienced educator and group facilitator. Her background is a combination of activist work on community building, education and support programs, and psychology work on coming out processes, support groups, counseling and psychotherapy.

Her work experience has been focused on educational work with youth in different settings (schools, NGO’s, various trainings). Currently, she works as psychological and educational coordinator in Trans Aid Croatia.

Form 2011. to 2013. she was a member of IGLYO’s educational working group and in 2017. she was a mentor on the first IGLYO’s Activist Academy. She is a member of various European umbrella LGBTIQ organizations (IGLYO, ILGA, NELFA, TGEU etc.).

Mateas fields of expertise are:

  • Coming out in different settings
  • Families with LGBTIQ member
  • Hate crime; discrimination; homophobia and transphobia
  • LGBTIQ relationships
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender identity
  • Transgender and gender variant identities.

Marcin John

Marcin has been working as NGO Leader and Project Manager for more than 10 years. He graduated in Psychology from Warsaw University, Poland. He is a freelancer and works as a Coach and soft-skills Trainer.

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